The Chia pool
  • From makers of TrueNAS, world's most popular NAS operating system.
  • A pool that supports open source.
  • We will be live on day 1 of pooling.
Welcome to!
As we prepare for the launch of mainnet pooling, we have already begun our testnet pool to confirm pooling is functioning properly.
Please join our telegram channel for connection details. 6/4/2021

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Meet Your Pool Operators

  • Head of engineering efforts for TrueNAS.
  • For years – co-host of BSDNow podcast.
  • Doing business development for the TrueNAS project.
  • Runs Cardano Staking Pool.
  • Highly experienced infrastructure Ninja.
  • Currently heads up IT and Truecommand Cloud efforts
  • An Architect of TrueNAS project.
  • Leads frontend development at TrueNAS.

TruePool is a handpicked team of highly specialized talent.

We’ve worked together on the TrueNAS project (the most popular NAS Operating System) for the better part of a decade and work extremely well together.

We’ve been building and maintaining systems for a combined 80+ years and plan on making TruePool one of the most successful pools on the Chia Network.

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For other inquiries, please reach us at